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The bioadvisory group staff and associates have extensive technical innovation, operational as well as senior commercial management experience, having worked and advised across a range of technology sectors.

The sectors include, and may not be limited to -

Human and Veterinary Healthcare

pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, biologics (vaccines, antibodies and probiotics), medical devices and nanotechnology, telehealth, e-health, m-health, regenerative medicine (cell, stem cell and tissue therapies), biomaterials, diagnostics, animal ethics, associated regulatory infrastructure.
Agritech and Food

sugar milling, refining and fermentation ethanol, biofuels, aquaculture, food and fermentation beverages, red meat bioactives, food industry by-product recovery, hydrocolloids, polyculture food production
Industrial Products and Processing

algal technology, laboratory reagents and kits, new manufacturing unit processes, supply chain monitoring, bioprocessing scale-up / technology transfer, regulatory compliant processing (ISO 9000, cGMP), healthcare efficiency software