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"What business issue keeps you awake at night?"

When you need a fresh perspective to your business issues; or your team is in "group think"; or you don't have the resources or time for business critical, good management practices, then the bioadvisory group offer an independent "set of eyes" to review, challenge, test, implement and ultimately improve your business activities. 

We are highly experienced in delivering our services to Board Rooms, C-suite Offices, Laboratories and Factories; environments we know from extensive personal experience. 

Commercialisation Services

  • Market analysis, segmentation and entry strategies,
  • Business plan review and preparation,
  • Capital and government grant access strategies, including "investment ready" initiatives,  
  • Strategic partner linkages (technical, operations, investment), qualification and introduction,
  • Review of technology transfer and translation to operational scale,
  • Implementation management

Operational Improvement Services

  • Bioprocess troubleshooting,
  • Process improvement methodologies,
  • Change management, implementation strategies and management,
  • Mediation and mentoring,

Situational Analysis and Review

  • Investment Due Diligence
  • Risk analysis, risk management and business continuity management,
  • Quality System and cGMP review and benchmarking,
  • Situational and GAP analysis, technology foresighting
  • Stakeholder interview, survey preparation, execution and interpretation